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All the features of our Premium License  Designed for improved performance using MySQL database. For more information click here. Can be used on up to 20 PCs at the same time Supports up to 100,000,000 orders Telephone...

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    • All the features of our Premium License 
    • Designed for improved performance using MySQL database. For more information click here.
    • Can be used on up to 20 PCs at the same time
    • Supports up to 100,000,000 orders
    • Telephone support included
    • Priority Email support

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Monthly Costs (all prices + VAT)
1 PC : £125
2 PCs : £145
3 PCs : £165
4 PCs : £185
5 PCs : £205
6 PCs : £225
7 PCs : £245
8 PCs : £265
9 PCs : £285
10 PCs : £305

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  • Runs on Windows 11,10, 8, 7
  • Orders can be imported into same or separate sites
  • Can be used on multiple PCs to simultaneously access and process orders
  • Licenses work on unlimited number of sites and unlimited number of local sites
  • Filter orders on selected column, status, colour, sales source and dates
  • Sophisticated order selection, Find orders quickly using advanced searching
  • Change order and column colours
  • Automatic VAT calculation on orders (to produce VAT invoices etc.)
  • Create order views using any of the order fields (including calculations). These fields can then be used as filters
  • Print invoices, packing & picking lists. Supports standard invoices, document enclosed wallets and integrated labels, including adding logos and PPIs
  • Invoices and packing lists can easily be changed using supplied configuration or any HTML editor (e.g. Dreamweaver)
  • Automatically assign sequential invoice numbers (across all sales channels)
  • Create your own custom order values (e.g. batch numbers)
  • Change all order details, with automatic VAT and shipping calculations
  • Invoices, Packing Lists can show tax inclusive prices (for retail sales) or tax exclusive prices
  • Setup views for your orders to make each daily task easier
  • Perform and display calculations on order information using custom field macros
  • Manually create (and amend) orders, e.g. for Telephone orders
  • Configure and Manage Customers
  • Import orders from other systems using customisable CSV import
  • Allow orders to be marked as shipped on websites (Amazon, Ebay. Shopify, Magento)
  • Share and update stock levels on websites (Amazon, Ebay. Shopify, Magento)
  • Automate order processing tasks, including order import and export
  • Import orders directly from Amazon, Ebay, Magento, Shopify, SellerDeck and Oxatis
  • Orders can be directly sent to Couriers, including RoyalMail Click and Drop
  • Automatically assign couriers to orders (using customizable defined rules)
  • Courier labels printed with Invoice or Packing Slip (or on label printer)
  • Management of products, including components, shared stock levels and suppliers
  • Smart stock making sure you never run out of stock and don't overstock by automatically calculating stock reorder levels based on sales patterns
  • Retrieve product details directly websites (Amazon, Ebay. Shopify, Magento)
  • Consolidation of SKUs and wildcards SKUs can be used to allow easy product management and stock levels
  • Grouping of products to allow easier management
  • Allow specific VAT/Tax product rates
  • Easily add telephone orders using product SKUs
  • Send emails to customers, suppliers and third parties
  • Automatically combine Orders
  • Advanced Order Processing (set custom rules to process orders manually or automatically)
  • Stored filters, save favourite ways to select orders (e.g. orders for a certain product)
  • Themes to change look of screens
  • Orders and products can be directly editted in views
  • Add lists to fields to allow a selection of choices
  • Add items in bulk to manually created (telephone) orders
  • Create refunds
  • Show all orders for a specific customer
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2 label integrated label invoice paper is generally used by shops that deal with other businesses where the invoice can go to a different location to the goods.
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