One Stop Order Processing Feature Comparison

Quickly and easily take all orders from being received to being despatched. Manage your orders in a way that fits in with the way that you want to run your business



up to 3 PCs

Unlimited Channels

5000 Orders

Email and Online Support



up to 4 PCs

Unlimited Channels

500,000 Orders

Email and Online Support




up to 15 PCs

Unlimited Channels

1,000,000 Orders

Email, Online, Telephone Support




up to 20 PCs

Unlimited Channels

100,000,000 Orders

Email, Online, Telephone Support. MySQL database


Table of features

Lite Professional Premium Enterprise
Max. PCs 3 4 15 20
Max. orders per site 5000 500,000 1,000,000 100,000,000
Email support * Standard Standard Priority Priority
Import orders
Cancel or Hold orders
Automated order download (Ebay, Shopify, SellerDeck and OSOP)
Automated order status upload (Ebay, Shopify supported)
Create and amend manual (telephone) orders
Backup and archive existing orders
Automatic VAT calculation
Export orders to other systems, including courier and accounting systems
Send emails to customers or 3rd parties
Process refunds
Invoices, Packing and Picking Slips
Print Invoices, packing and picking lists
Supports standard invoices, document enclosed wallets, Avery labels, integrated labels including logos, PPIs and macros
Amend and create custom invoices and packing lists
Show tax exclusive and inclusive, retail invoices
Automatically assign sequential invoice numbers (across all sales channels)
Print and manage purchase orders
order information
Change all order details with automatic VAT & shipping calculations
Create order views to make daily tasks easier
Sophisticated order selection
Find orders quickly using advanced searching
Perform and display calculations on order information using custom field macros
Add additional fields to orders (e.g. batch nos.)
Stored filters, save favourite ways to select orders (e.g. orders for a certain product)
Advanced Order Processing (set custom rules to process orders manually or automatically)
Allow order filtering on multiple columns
Create and store complex order filters
Create and automate order actions
Combine orders
Product Management
Product Management including stock control
Smart stock making sure you never run out of stock and don't overstock
Unified consolidation of SKUs to a single SKU to allow same product to be sold in different markets with stock control
Multichannel stock control
Allow SKU wildcards to be used (including managing stock levels)
Import all active product details from website (Ebay, Shopify)
suppliers management
Process orders directly with suppliers (including emailing)
Drop shipping and order fulfilment tasks using suppliers (purchase orders and emails)
Add lists to fields to allow a selection of choices
Automatically manage
Orders can be directly sent to Couriers, including RoyalMail Click and Drop
Automate order processing tasks, including order import and export
Automatically manage cancelling orders
Automatically manage online stock levels (Ebay. Shopify)
Process orders on import in batches
Automatic order combining
Allow orders to be marked as shipped on websites (Ebay. Shopify)
Other Information
Customer targeted mailing lists