How to setup One Stop Order Processing to automatically import orders from Shopify

This feature is available in Professional, Premium and Managed versions of One Stop Order Processing

One Stop Order Processing can automatically retrieve orders from Shopify (using a Private Shopify App). You will need your WebsiteAPI Key and Password.

To find this information use the following guide:

1 Login to your Shopify store at:, an example login is shown below, 

2 On the left hand side of your main Shopify account page click on the Apps icon, shown below. 

 Click on the Manage private apps button, shown below: 

4 On the Private apps, page click on the Create a new private app button, shown below. 

5 Type in the Private app nameOne Stop Order Processing. Then change the Orders, transactions and fulfillments, Products, variants and collections and Inventory access to Read and write and click on the Save button, shown below. You may have to click the Show Inactive Admin API permissions link

6 You are then shown your authentication details. You should copy and paste the Website API key details AND Password details into the same fields in the One Stop Order Processing Shopify Order Import information dialog, shown below. In the example, the website address is shownas You need to put in zoesoapshop as the website. 

7 Click on the OK button (on the One Stop Order Processing Shopify Order Import information dialog).

If you are using Automation for One Stop Order Processing this can automatically import the orders for you. You will be informed when new orders are available. For more information see Automation for One Stop Order Processing