How to Import your Ebay Orders into One Stop Order Processing

This feature is available in Professional, Premium and Managed versions of One Stop Order Processing

You can automatically import Ebay orders in the OSOP using Automation for One Stop Order Processing. You can also click the Import button to import orders from Ebay directly.

Setting up One Stop Order Processing to access your Ebay orders

To automatically import orders from Ebay you need to authorise One Stop Order Processing to allow access to your order details.

1 Click on the Setup One Stop Order Processing with Ebay button. This will display the following login screen in your default browser:

2 After you sign in you will be asked to confirm that you want to allow One Stop Order Processing to access your account.

3 After you confirm access (by clicking I agree) you are shown the following screen.

4 You should then close the browser. One Stop Order Processing will automatically pickup the acceptance and update the Ebay Auto Login Expiration Date. You will need to allow One Stop Order Processing access to your Ebay details every 18 months.

Additional information

Ebay Site
You should select which Ebay site you want to collect orders from. Either UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Spain, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and EbayMotors.

Order retrieval days
Every time orders are retrieved you can select up to 90 days worth of orders. It is not a problem using larger than the number of days orders that you need as any orders already imported will be ignored. i.e. only new orders will be imported.

Overwrite existing orders (e.g. to update paid status)
If you
want to overwrite your Ebay orders to update any paid orders tick this option. This option is useful if you allow your customers to pay later rather than paying when they add items to their basket.

Include Selling Manager order details (e.g. Notes)
Within Ebay you can enter order notes, these are automatically imported with the order information. If you use Selling Manager (Free or Pro) and enter notes or customer address changes you need to tick this box. Any changes made in Selling Manager will be imported with the main Ebay order details.

Advanced options

Save order data
If you have any problems with importing any order details you can tick this option. This will allow you to create a support file that can be sent to our support department to investigate the problem.

Use Ebay Sandbox Site
Ebay has Sandbox sites. These are Ebay sites that allow you to make test sales without sending any goods or spending any money. If you are using any Sandbox sites you can also use One Stop Order Processing with those sites.

NOTE: You will have to sign up to the relevant Ebay Sandbox sites before using this option.

Once you have setup the details you can completely automate the order import by using Automation for One Stop Order Processing