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Release Notes

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. RoyalMail Click and Drop options added to optionally not include order lines with no value and/or no weight.

Other Features

Bug fixes

. Ebay Orders with more than 1 variation are now imported correctly
. Using only import Unshipped Ebay orders option now works correctly


Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Allow zero value order lines (and no weight) to not be included in RoyalMail Click and Drop labels

Other Features

Bug fixes

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support added for Evri
. Improved performance for Shopify import (including to only include unshipped orders)
. Support for latest Shopify version added (January 2023 API)
. Shopify Option added to adjust shipping tax
. Option added to manually download/upload Amazon files if AMTU is removed
. Use Last Month in stored filters. Use the {{LAST_MONTH}} macro, e.g. [TOrder].[sOrderDate] = {{LAST_MONTH}}

Other Features
. Regular scheduled Automation Tasks can now be paused at weekends
. Scheduled tasks have option to run Advanced Rules before Courier Rules (in addition to after Courier Rules)
. Field added for OSOP import allowing each order to have a different included VAT Rate (use the Included VAT Rate field in import files)

Bug fixes
. Cancelled orders now working for AMTU (Buyer requested cancel column needs to be added to Amazon reports)
. Correct Site being processed now returned from Advanced Order Processing
. Mini packing list now uses packing list options
. Amazon PII files now imported correctly

Features introduced in version

Website Support

Other Features

Bug fixes
. Amazon AMTU orders can now be shipped

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Options added to Royal Mail Click and Drop and Amazon Shipping to allow notes position to be moved on labels
. Added new Click and Drop service (Bus Pcls Zero Parcel LV Economy Tracked (MPR))
. Added support for new Click and Drop fields (
Extended customs description, Customs declaration category, Recipient EORI number, Requires export license, Other costs, Commercial invoice date, Commercial invoice number, Customs duty costs)
. Amazon Shipping options can now be configured
. Quickbooks Online now supported
. Marking Shopify Orders as shipped sends tracking URL to customer
. Support added for Amazon Merchant Transport Utility (AMTU)

. Shopify orders now have custom properties added to each order line
. Support for latest Shopify version added (April 2022 API)

Other Features
. Macro added to Advanced Order Processing, order export and Click and Drop macros to use current Site Name, [%SITE_NAME%]
. Option added to not generate rotated Royal Mail Click and Drop and Amazon Shipping labels
. Macros can now be used in Product CSV Export (e.g. to remove currency from cost price use #!#[%PRODUCT_COST_PRICE%][$][1][30]#!#)
. Buttons on main screen can be configured (renamed or hidden)
. Invoices etc. can now be printed using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome
. Support added for S16 Integrated Label Paper (6 by 4 inch Label at top right)
. Refunds can now be amended to alter items to refund
. Macro added (#NOPRINT#) to allow certain mini courier packing lists not to be printed (can be added by your processing rules)
. Order Type SKUS can now be displayed and amended in main Product View

Bug fixes
. Issue fixed with Printing Field order for MySQL Invoices
. Invoice Separator Macros can now manage order item lines

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Next Day service added for MyHermes
. Yodel updated for NI deliveries
. Support for latest Shopify version added (Jan 2021 API)
. Ebay Royal Mail tracking link now supported for Click and Drop Orders
. Support for new Amazon Shipping requirements (CarrierCode etc.)
. New Royal Mail Services added (DW1)
. Updated Amazon Shipping Labels that can be created (e.g. added MyHermes)
. IOSS support added for Ebay and Amazon to optionally remove VAT paid from order.
Tax paid by customer directly to website stored in order fees ([%ORD_FEES%]) and IOSS number stored in order tax field ( [%VAT_NUMBER%]
. Support added for Amazon Poland, Sweden and Turkey
. OSOP Imports can now have order number prefixes (e.g. for Prestashop)

Other Features
. Support added for exporting orders to SFTP server

Bug fixes
. Issue fixed with automatic stock recalculation not working for some product
. Issue with Quick Pick not selecting correct orders when used from main screen
. Problem fixed when amending a product, customs code is lost
. Fixed problem of slower performance
. Amazon Gift Wrap now not included in orders shipments
. Order weights now correct for Shopify Orders (for items with a quantity of more than 1)
. Updating stock from main Product's page now updates related products's stock levels (e.g. where used as a component)
. Tracking number now sent correctly to Shopify, so Shopify can create courier link to customer
. Fixed issue of automatic stock reorder level incorrectly using pack size
. Cleardown old Click and Drop failed transactions (improves performance)
. Issue fixed if more than PC creating courier labels (each label is now unique to each PC)
. Fix made to support new Ebay Australia Tax and Fee deductions
. Support added for RoyalMail Click and Drop order numbers with a / character
. Issue fixed when importing wildcarded filenames that are renamed (to only import once)
. Problem fixed when apostrophe are added to memo's in orders
. Enterprise (MySQL) Picking List now displays in correct order
. Importing OSOP (custom) orders with a Despatch Date now mark orders as shipped
. MySQL Stock Log is now displayed in correct order

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Option added to map Shopify text when importing orders (to get around Shopify problem with certain characters)
. Support added for ManoMano
. New Ebay Royal Mail tracking support (details in Address Line 2 put into PO field)
. Support added for different order import types (e.g. tsv)
. Ebay connection performance and connection options added
. Tax now deducted correctly for Australlian Ebay orders (GST)
. Support for UTF16 format files (OSOP import format)
. Support for Amazon Sent From Location requirement.
. Changes made for Click and Drop new CN22, CN23 requirements
. Option added for Amazon Cancelled orders (to put back in stock)

Other Features
. Enterprise version of One Stop Order Processing added (MySQL)
. Performance improvements made for order and product display
. Option added to automate printing of packing list. (-D from command line)
. Option added to automate sending orders to courier. (-G from command line)
. Old Click and Drop Labels can now be automatically removed
. Option added to allow optional multiple courier labels to be created (adhoc)
. Advanced Order Processing rules now support direct SQL (by using <!> at start and using the [%ORD_NUM%] macro)
. Number of Courier labels produced (per carrier) is now shown and can be used in Courier Rules (e.g. to only send a fixed amount of parcel with Amazon Logistics)
. Option added to allow individual courier's labels to automatically be created (and printed) when being imported
. Option added to not display orders on startup (can also use the -R command line option)
. Fast Pick mode added (-Z option) or Tools->Fast Pick menu option. Enter specific order number, using optional barcode scanner, to process specific orders
. Partial SKUs can now be mapped on import (e.g. TSHIRT100# Order Type SKU will map TSHIRT100#909 and TSHIRT100#913 to same main SKU)

Bug fixes
. Exporting product lines now only shows 1 line per SKU value (duplicate values are removed)
. Labels now created correctly with RoyalMail Click & Drop for orders with order numbers starting with 0
. Problem fixed when resetting some default views
. Batch commands now show error if filter name does not exist
. Fixed issue with duplicate stored filters
. Hilight order colour is now displayed correctly
. Database Indices recreated when database is repaired
. Fixed issue of some customer notes not being imported correctly
. [%ITEM_VAT_RATE%] macro now displays as a percentage value
. Issue fixed where Stored Filters with no Name or SQL caused issues
. OnBuy customer phone number now put into correct field (was email)
. Error fixed when processing Amazon orders from Cote d'Ivoire
. Import orderlines correctly encoded Amazon orders

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support for Amazon purchase order numbers
. Checking for order/shipping status changed on other external systems support added (e.g. Ebay, Shopify)
. Support for Cancelled Shopify orders added
. Performance improved for creating Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime order labels
. Shopify shipping locations can be selected for each Shopify website
. Pending Amazon and Ebay orders can now be imported (to use for Stock Control)
. Shopify imports now support the Check and fix order totals and Use calculated order total options aswell as optional TAX splitting by region and country

Other Features
. Advanced Order Processing can now used on individual order lines within an (by referencing the [TOrderline2] table
. Cut and Paste options added when editing item on order and product views
. Option added to allow GDPR customer notifications warnings to be not shown
. Feature added to only allow order shipments when a Tracking ID is present
. Invoices, Packing Lists and Purchase Orders can be printed in reverse order
. Support added for order items with more than 2 decimal places (up to 5)
. Sellerdeck Option added to not split out components on separate order line
. Import and Import options can now be restricted to certain people
. Area for orderlines enlarged to show more items (when amending an order)
. PC name added to stock log manual changes
. Advanced Order Processor can now reload rules from command line (useful for rule deployment on multiple PCs). For example, IL_OrderProcessor.exe -B -G -L

Bug fixes
. Amazon issue fixed when shipping large number of orders (and Amazon is throttling requests)
. Fixed issue of products being duplicated when importing by CSV file using SKU
. Issue fixed where the Local site is sometimes changed to Website1
. Need to create separate customer details for each order (as part of PII and GDPR), so each order can be cleared down at the appropriate time

. Fixed issues with Editing some on screen items
. Yes/No Product Items now display correctly in Product Management

. Fixed issue where amending product details on main screen did not update the product update date
. Advanced Order Processor now imports tracking website details correctly
. Issue fixed where using Stored Filters sometimes failed to update order details (e.g. shipped status) on the main screen

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support added for
. Support for PII (Personally Identifiable Information) removal added for all selling channels
. Option added to allow Click and Drop labels and tracking numbers to be shared between OSOP PCs securely over internet
. Changes made to support new Royal Label formats
. New Ebay CSV order import support added

Other Features
. Option added to only show certain number of products
. Options added to only update or import certain products

. When orders are automatically combined orders with Amazon Shipping is given priority
More detail given when order courier rules are run
. Option added to update customer details from import files
. Macro option added to return delivery Zone for UK postcode (e.g. [%DEL_POSTCODE%][Z][>]7[UPS][Royal Mail] means if delivery zone is Mainland UK, Wales, Scotland (main))
. Option added to additionally group picking list items by SKU
. Improved database
product validation
. Option added to export 1 row per order type SKU for products

Bug fixes
. Fixed issue of courier and service not being applied during automatic order import
. Fix made to cope with Ebay website timeouts

. Ebay SKUs now allowed with double quotes in
. OSOP import totals error correction rounding fixed
. Combined orders that use Amazon Prime (and non - Amazon Prime) orders now update shipping in Amazon correctly
. Problem fixed not showing correct default order weight when entering for each order
. Product weight and sizes is now correctly added to orders when importing
. Problem importing Ebay orders from CSV file resolved (changes on Ebay site)

. eBay Collected Tax is now not included in order total
. Magento order details can now have commas in details
. Issue fixed importing more than large amounts of unshipped Ebay orders

. Purge products error fixed
. Importing shipped status for combined Ebay orders fixed
. Marking orders shipped for replaced item SKU issue fixed
. Automatically imported cancelled orders are now not printed
. Shopify notes with commas issue fixed

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Orders can now be exported in UTF8 and UTF8 (with BOM) format
. New Shopify features support (new 10/2019 API supported)
. Custom order format discounts are more configurable
. Importing Ebay orders performance improved (option added to only import unshipped orders)
. Support for different Shopify product locations added

Other Features
. Allow customization of UKMail label, (to support new DHL format)
. Orders are now archived in configurable batches (default is 1000 orders)

Bug fixes
. Automatically combined orders now check address line 2 (to cater for Ebay Global Shipping Program)
. Update Date (for products) can now be included in a view correctly
. Issue fixed when exporting orders using a Quick Export View and Stored Filters
. Issue fixed with some not paid for Ebay orders incorrectly marked as shipped
. Ebay customer shipping name supported
. Issue resolved where duplicate customer accounts are created for previously imported orders

. Correct courier services are now shown in main views for orders
. Issue fixed for some Ebay csv order imports not showing delivery name

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. RoyalMail Click and Drop added for multiple Click and Drop accounts
. Ebay Unique Order Number now supported
. Support for multi-line CN22 and CN23 Click and Drop custom forms (select the RoyalMailClickAndDropExportDetailed.mev file)
. New Ebay CSV format supported
. Support added for Canceled Ebay orders
. Support for new Amazon order customization values

Other Features
. Performance improvement when Themes are disabled

Bug fixes
. Problem fixed if consecutive formula are used for courier values
. Issue resolved with SKU mapping for some Amazon orders with discounts
. Filtering fixed on startup when selected Sales Name is used
. Error when using colour in order filter resolved
. When orders are combined the order's memo details are now also combined
. When printing additional courier labels for some orders only the new label is printed
. Problem fixed for products with the option Update Stock from Components ticked, momentarily showing an incorrect stock value
. Ebay shipping confirmation and stock level updating issue fixed when issues found when updating multiple orders or products
. Issue fixed when auto archiving large number of orders. Orders are now archived in batches of 1000
. OnBuy order dates and orders now import correctly
. Order database validation now includes fixing issues with very long order memo fields
. Added option for Click and Drop to retrieve labels and tracking when Royal Mail website is running slowly
. Click and Drop performance improvements (when checking for Tracking and Labels every n seconds)

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. RoyalMail Click and Drop added as Courier
. Option added to ignore new Amazon shipping warnings and errors
. Imported Amazon products now include Product Type and Image
. New Ebay Seller Hub format now supported
. Amazon ISO Currency code now stored for each order (e.g. CAD)

Other Features
. New macro added to show Original SKU before being mapped ([%ITEM_ORIG_SKU%])
. [%ITEM_HARMON_CODE%] added for product export tariff codes
. Speed of Courier label printing improved (that can now be printed in batches)
. Showing Stock Log update speed improved
. Print sequential label ID onto courier label by using [%COURIER_LABEL_ID%] macro
. Macros added to show today's and tomorrow's date in emails, invoices, Click and Drop labels etc., ([%DATE%] [%DATETIME%] [%TOMORROW_DATE%] [%TOMORROW_DATETIME%]
. Shortcuts added to Product Management (F2 to Edit field on screen, F3 to Find an item, F5 to Refresh, Ctrl N for new product, Ctrl O to view a product, Delete key to remove product)

Bug fixes
. Stock from Components are no longer on by default for new products
. Using automation to process orders to different OSOP sites now uses correct site
. Shipping status check moved into own Amazon section (as only supported for Amazon)
. Original order item SKU now shown for all order lines (not just first)
. Improved label print quality for 6 by 4 labels
. Shopify orders now ship on Shopify website
. Errors shown when orders are archived now resolved
. Reorder Report now does not include products only made from components
. Shopify retail shipping price VAT splitting issue fixed

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Option added to only update stock levels for unshipped orders
. Amazon shipped and cancelled order status is now automatically applied when orders are imported
. Amazon order latency (pick and pack time) added
. Added new Yodel and Royal Mail service codes
. Added support for Stripe and updated Opencart
. Added support for WooCommerce
. Updated MyHermes configuration

. Tracking Numbers can now be tailored for each courier (e.g. contain additional information for MyHermes)
. Support for AfterShip (consignment tracking website)
. RoyalMail Click and Drop track and trace added
. Order import files can now use wildcards (e.g. C:\OSOP\Main\Files\*.csv will import the file C:\OSOP\Main\Files\OrderFile1.csv)
. Configuration added for different Amazon characters
. EKM Multiline order format supported
. Option added to wait for Amazon to confirm that the stock has been updated successfully
. Amazon setup improved (and made easier)

Other Features
. New macros added to create exported filenames with the order number ([%ORD_NUM%])
. New Start and Desktop shortcuts added to allow One Stop Order Processing to be started with Site Selection
. Product cost prices are now assigned at time of order, allowing profits to be accurately calculated
. Order filtering has been streamed lined and made more intuitive
. Column colours can now be changed (for each column in each view)
. Themes introduced to allow One Stop Order Processing to be personalised
. Order totals import validation added (for VAT and shipping totals)
. Royal Mail International consignments can now use order's package size
. Line number macro added, [%LINE_NUMBER%] to show the line number within each order
. Line type added, [%LINE_TYPE%]. This allows you to determine which lines are the main product and which are components
. Printing field added, [%ORDER_SEPARATOR%], which shows a line under under each line in the order (and groups components)
. Option added (-N on startup) to allow One Stop Order Processing to be started without Auto Archiving Orders
. Startup options are now shown if One Stop Order Processing is started with the -? option
. Custom import payment status' can now use wildcards. For example, using a payment status of COMPLETE*,DISPATCHED*,CAPTURED*, would mark an order with a payment status of Complete 8/10/2019 as paid

Bug fixes
. Problem fixed when creating lists where list is not copied from an existing list
. Default Courier, Service and Tracking Number(s) are now set correctly for automatically imported orders

. Default Shopify product tax rate is now taken from Shopify import settings
. Problem fixed when deleted combined orders are reimported (combined order is now not reimported)
. Courier label creation issues resolved when a network outage occurs
. Improved import for orders that can cause errors (when importing large amount of orders)
. Auto archive fixed to cater for long archive

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support added for new Amazon FBA orders format
. New EKMPowershop format supported
. Amazon shipping status can now be updated from other systems
. Amazon Shipping can be purchased directly and shipping labels included on invoices
. Shopify Payment Method(s) now included in order information

Other Features
. New macros added for views to show different dates, {{30DAYSFROMORDERDATE} and {{30DAYSFROMTODAY}}
. 'does not contains' added to the order filter search options
. New macros added for product reports (e.g. Stock Level)

Bug fixes
. Amazon custom order fields support fixed to support text correctly
. Shopify orders with different VAT/Tax rates for products managed correctly
. Amazon shipping status now reflected correctly for all new orders
. Product validation issue fixed for Ebay items where the login is renewed
. Shopify shipments now include location (new requirement of Shopify)
. Reorder levels for components now recalculated correctly
. Problem fixed for some characters not importing correctly

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support added for MyHermes
. Views added for DPD and Interlink
. Added pickup time option to UKMail
. Added support for customized order item details for Actinic
. Support added for ASOS, Weebley and Flubit
. RoyalMail Click and Drop and Shopify guides updated

Other Features
. Option added to allow current stock to be included in Automatic Stock Reorder Level Calculations
. When importing orders they can be processed in batches (e.g. have a separate picking list for every 50 orders), available in Premium
. Customise button added to Product Management
. Allow Product Import header to be defined for a product import (to allow alternate headers to be used for product import)
. New Product Import headers added to allow stock stock to be added or removed from current stock level
. New and Repeat Orders can now be marked as paid on creation
. Sales Reports, Picking Lists can now show the main product title (rather than the order's product title), using the [%PRODUCT_TITLE%] macro
. Easier access to database maintenance features
. Different senders (email addresses) can now be specified for Emails using the [%EMAIL_SENDER_NAME%], [%EMAIL_REPLY_ADDRESS%] macros in the email setup and then setting values in Printing Field Options
. Tracking numbers can optionally be removed from orders (sent to Ebay, Amazon, Shopify or Magento) by using the {REMOVE} macro in default tracking number field
. Courier Test conditions added (less than and equal to and greater than or equal to) for Courier rules
. Easily send (encrypted) log files to Support (using Help->Information Logs->Send logs to Support menu option)

Bug fixes
. Fixed issue adding or removing fields from the product management view
. Fixed issue where the wrong invoice format was used when automatically printing out orders from a different site that isn't the current default site
. Fixed issue with SellerDeck tax exclusive discount codes taking off double tax
. Fixed issue with some Amazon German characters were not displayed correctly
. Using a manual import Magento order import now saves the 'Prompt for filename' option
. Corrected issue with filtering on Product Selling Channel
. Improved error messages on database backup
. Product Import header names are now case insensitive
. Improved quality of UKMail Courier Label
. Problems fixed for Some new Amazon orders incorrectly being temporarily marked as shipped
. Ebay product stock levels now correctly updated when the Ebay token is renewed (every 18 months)
. Problem fixed for exported report details using invalid characters

. Main logfile (MoleLog.txt) is archived at regular intervals. This improved performance
. Improved performance of printing (temporary file creation)
. Improved titles in Results dialogs

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Magento orders can now optionally use OSOP product weights when importing
. Actinic Online Item Discounts now supported
. Different Tax settings now available for custom imports (e.g. Discounts can be Tax inclusive and Order details Tax exclusive)
. Support added for ParcelHub
. Support added for Amazon customized listings
. Support added for SellerDeck 2018

Other Features
. Product SKU mappings can now be verified from within each product
. Product amendment date can now be shown in Product Management
. Ebay Product import can now be restricted to only products sold on a specific Ebay site
. Views can now be directly accessed from View menu (and default views can be restored)
. Fields to show for all products in Manage Products can now be changed
. Total weight for a product including all components is now included on the main Product page
. Macros can now be used for Courier User IDs, Accounts and Passwords. This allows multiple accounts to be used for each courier
. You can now add/amend tracking number details to orders that have been sent to Couriers
. Added support to attach invoices, packing lists (etc.) as PDF

Bug fixes
. County is now passed correctly to Royal Mail for International orders (e.g. for Canada and Japan)

. Provide more information for Ebay failing to update stock levels
. Product Validation speed improved
. Problem fixed where deleted (and not purged) products stock was being updated
. Order database integrity check added to Compact and Repair orders database option
. When importing previously shipped Amazon orders they now show the correct shipment date
. Amazon fulfilment days is now not affected when updating stock
. Products where stock level is NOT based on components stock now works correctly

. Original SKU for order lines are now archive correctly
. Problem fixed with stock updates when stock level reaches 0
. Issue fixed where product details can be overwritten if Automation is set to automatically start
. The type of the Printing Field value comparison is now saved correctly
. Stock levels for products that use components (on multiple products) are now updated correctly
. Tracking numbers now sent to Shopify correctly
. Advanced Rules now work on Remote Site orders

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Direct support added for Magento (1.5 to 1.9)
. Option added to allow One Stop Order Processing to wait for Amazon to confirm orders have been shipped correctly
. Cancelled Amazon orders can now be processed (marked as Cancelled in One Stop Order Processing)
. Added support for Cdiscount
. Improved support for EKMPowershop (multi line orders)
. Support added for Royal Mail Click and Drop
. Support added for Amazon Australia
, Japan (English) Mexico, Brazil and India
. Amazon order import can be restricted to specific Amazon website (e.g. only import orders to manage the tax
. Added support for UKMail (including courier label creation and printing)
. Support added for Xero Accounting

Other Features
. Total number of orders of each colour can now be shown
. Products can be validated to remove redundant and duplicate Product SKU mappings
. Invoices, Packing Lists and Purchase Orders have been updated to automatically support up to 200 items per order
. Custom Couriers can now have different Services added
. Printing Fields can now be copied (useful when creating different conditional macros)
. Importing website products with matching (auto combined) SKUs are now reported
. Backup options added to Configuration Wizard
. Order confirmation added for marking orders as shipped on websites (e.g. Ebay, Amazon)
. Orders can now be filtered on Sales Name (or Shop Type)
. Generate Repeat Order option added (by selecting an existing order)
. Invoices, Packing Lists and Purchase Orders are now printed in the same order as show on the screen

Bug fixes
. Problem fixed with importing products with html in Product Descriptions
. Automatic Stock Reorder Level calculation defaults can now be selected correctly
. Correct currency sent to Royal Mail International for CN22 and CN23 documentation

Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support updated for OnBuy
. Amazon multiple order discount combinations now supported
. Support for Amazon’s Tax Calculation Service

Other Features
. Added support for small address labels
. Inline editing added to the Product list, including batch product update
. Improved Product export, including Stock and Price export
. Small Label Printer support added for address labels
. Picking List can now be sorted by Title
. Product Stock level changes can now be logged
. Allow Courier Labels to be included in Emails
. When adding Stock websites can automatically be updated
. Product stock levels can be retrieved from specific websites
. Allow stock to updated on a specific site
. Packing Slips added for Integrated Label formats IL1 and AP4
. Up to 7 Custom Couriers now supported
. Weights can now be entered up to 4 decimal places (e.g. 0.0004)
. Custom forms CN22 and CN24 now support custom order values

Bug fixes
. Courier Rules are now re-run if orders are automatically merged
. OSOP import now supports up to 200 lines per order
. Problems using SQL 'Like' and using Macros in Advanced Order Processor now fixed
. On main screen Courier Services are now limited to only show those for the currently selected Courier

. Shipping orders with a specific date now use current time
. Field lists can now be disabled (once enabled)
. Multiple orders can now be updated for orders using the list type
Features introduced in version
Features introduced in version

Website Support
. Support for Amazon Prime Logistics added
. Added support for Yodel Domestic and International (including courier label creation and printing)
. Custom Couriers can now be selected for Rules
. Support added for OnBuy
. Stock control is now optional for Amazon FBA orders
. Direct support added for Shopify

Other Features
. Allow average order weight to automatically be calculated couriers
. Macros added for Import date and original quantities ([%QTY_ORIG_PRODUCTS%] for Sales Reports, [%IMPORT_DATE%] for Invoices etc.)
. OSOP import macros added to support names and addresses as a single entry (Customer Name and Customer Address fields)
. Courier rules can now use a 'Is one of' and 'Is not one of', to allow lists of values to be used in tests (e.g. Austria,Spain)
. Couriers can now be selected on size of order (using Maximum Width, Height and Depth)
. RoyalMail CN22 and CN23 labels can have different Tariff codes and quantities
. Max Online Stock Level to Display feature added. Useful feature designed create demand for your products
. Picking List button added to main screen
. Option added for CSV export to automatically remove any new lines included in order details
. Rebranding of products completed. Standard and Standard Plus version of One Stop Order Processing merged to create One Stop Order Processing Professional.

Bug fixes
. Viewable website SKU lists are now updated when products are automatically linked together
. Imported and automatically created products now use the product stock defaults
. Allow labels to be cancelled for Couriers (if created on a different account)
. Improved error messages when changing One Stop Order Processing Sites
. Improved data access speed
. Problem fixed for shipping time on Amazon in certain time zones
. Improved support for some Ebay Stock Level Warnings
. Problem fixed with Product stock default values being reset
. ZIP codes and non UK postcodes are now formatted correctly
. Problem resolved saving custom entered order values with default values more than 255 characters long
. Problem fixed where Shipping Courier and Service is not being defaulted when set in Options