One Stop Order Processing Release Notes for Version

Website Support
. Direct support added for Magento (1.5 to 1.9)
. Option added to allow One Stop Order Processing to wait for Amazon to confirm orders have been shipped correctly
. Cancelled Amazon orders can now be processed (marked as Cancelled in One Stop Order Processing)
. Added support for Cdiscount
. Improved support for EKMPowershop (multi line orders)
. Support added for Royal Mail Click and Drop
. Support added for Amazon Australia
, Japan (English) Mexico, Brazil and India

Other Features
. Total number of orders of each colour can now be shown
. Products can be validated to remove redundant and duplicate Product SKU mappings
. Invoices, Packing Lists and Purchase Orders have been updated to automatically support up to 200 items per order
. Custom Couriers can now have different Services added
. Printing Fields can now be copied (useful when creating different conditional macros)

. Importing website products with matching (auto combined) SKUs are now reported

Bug fixes
. Problem fixed with importing products with html in Product Descriptions